Scribe is knowledge management made productive.

Creating and finding your company’s content is about to get a whole lot smarter

Live real-time collaboration

Everything Together

Knowledge is power, so we believe in keeping it in one place. With live collaboration you can work alone or together instantly - just start typing

Instant productivity

Instant Productivity

As easy to use as pen and paper so you and your team aren’t slowed down for a moment. You'll feel like a pro from the moment you get started

World-class search

World-class Search

What’s the point of having all this knowledge if nobody can find it when they need it. Our search will find exactly what you’re looking for in record time

Painless setup

Painless Setup

Getting up and running shouldn’t feel like open heart surgery. We’ll have your account ready to scale in 2-minutes or less

The ultimate knowledge base tool

The ultimate knowledge base is under construction

We’re currently building out Scribe and it’s well on its way to being the single best tool for managing knowledge in your company and team. It’s important to us that real users start using the product early to ensure we’re building the right tool for you. If our mission excites you, join our beta program and get early access to Scribe!